Well, I Believe…

This is about me. This is about you. This is mostly about me.



Why I Can’t Go to the W Hotel Anymore

I don’t think I am still welcome at the W Hotel.  This is story from years ago that I am finally willing to tell publicly. You see I haven’t taken any fun trips lately.  I used to travel a lot.... Continue Reading →

The End of an Era

For almost 34 years now my mother, affectionately know to me as Big Sara, has tried to teach me proper grammar.  She has tried to teach me a million other things, too, but this has been her most difficult lesson.... Continue Reading →


Warning:  This may be a blog you don't agree with.  And you don't have to.  Because this is about how I feel. Tonight has been a strange juxtaposition of emotions for me and I suppose much of America.  Tonight, my... Continue Reading →

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