Well, I Believe…

This is about me. This is about you. This is mostly about me.



Chapter Two

Sometimes two people are lucky enough to find a second chance for a new story - to write a Chapter Two. This is how Derek and Kylee found each other and are writing a new story.

Swipeology 101

Here is my take on the innovation that transformed dating - the swipe.

Opening Doors

Every love story is different. Every love story is special. This one is special to me.

Enduring Love

There are all kinds of love stories. This is the high school sweetheart story.

I still believe in love. Right?

I still believe in love. Right? I mean I think I do. I'm like 85% sure that I do.

I Still Believe in Love… February Series

Time to get back to the funny - let's start with my love life.

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